Having a proper heating system in your residence or business entity is vital to providing warmth and keeping your interior as comfortable as possible. However, you may have difficulty selecting the right system for your home given their huge number in the market today. In most cases, people get torn between getting a heat pump or a furnace. While both systems play the same role, they have individual pros and cons that set them apart. In the following sections, we discuss five benefits of a heat pump over a furnace to aid your decision-making process.

1. Energy Efficiency

One benefit the heat pump has over the furnace is energy efficiency. A heat pump is more efficient because it does not generate heat. Instead, the heat pump uses the same mechanism as an air conditioner because it acquires heat from a given source and then relocates it to the needed areas. The heat source can be the surrounding air, underground geothermal energy or waste heat from a factory. On the other hand, a furnace generates heat, forcing it to consume much energy. Thus, getting a heat pump in the place of a furnace translates to low energy consumption and reduced utility bills.

2. All-Round Versatility

Another impressive benefit a heat pump has over a furnace is versatility. Aside from heating functions, a heat pump also has cooling capability. Just as it relocates heated air into your building, a heat pump can reverse the process and remove warm air in your interior to keep it cool. The ability to provide both heating and cooling enables the heat pump to provide comfort throughout the year, regardless of the season. It also saves you from buying a cooling system. On the contrary, a furnace only has heating capabilities, making it inconvenient during the hot months.

3. Low Operating Costs

With regard to operating cost, heat pumps attract lower charges compared to furnaces. This is primarily because a heat pump is more energy efficient. A furnace is costly to run because it is less efficient and involves burning fossil fuels. Similarly, you may be forced to spend even more if gas or oil in your furnace gets replenished for one reason or another. Therefore, you should settle for a heat pump instead of a furnace if you want to spend less on month-to-month operating costs.

4. Environmentally Friendly

A heat pump is much more environmentally friendly than a furnace. This is primarily because a heat pump does not rely on burning fuel to produce heat. Its high efficiency further augments its eco-friendly levels, allowing you to lower your carbon footprint when heating or cooling. On the other hand, a furnace is not environmentally friendly because it emits fumes from burning oil or gas. A furnace has low efficiency as well. As a result, a furnace has much more impact on the environment compared to a heat pump.

5. Quick Installation

Installing a heat pump is more straightforward. This is especially the case with a mini-split heat pump that does not have ductwork. The easy installation makes it possible to mount and connect a heat pump to vital components in a few hours. Conversely, furnace installation tends to be complex. One reason for the complexity is the fact that ducts must be laid and connected to the central unit during the installation process. Moreover, furnaces, especially gas models, tend to be very delicate since a small issue during installation can cause adverse effects.

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